Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lanie's 4th Birthday

We celebrated Lanie's birthday on Monday. We went to see the Hannah Montana movie, had lunch at Denny's (her idea) went to the library, picked out her cake and opened lots of presents. When she was blowing out her candles, she almost caught her hair on fire! Silly girl barely even noticed.

Friday, June 26, 2009

We went to the swim beach that our city offers. We live near a lake (we are actually on a peninsula) and have never been there. It has been HOT here lately, 100+ degrees for the past week and the only break we have to look forward to is it being in the high 90's in a couple of days. So, at 8:30am we decided to go. It was already 90 degrees!

The kids had a great time! We made sand castles, raced in the water, and rolled around in the sand. It was fun! Lanie took the huge bucket that holds all the sand toys and started filling it up. I asked her if she was making a huge castle and she says "No... I am making a lot of mud!" That sounds about right. This is the child that is more interested in making a mess than partake in an organized activity.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Awww... They almost look like they like each other!

Logan used every dollar he got for his birthday and from getting all A's on his last report card to buy a Nintendo DS. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that he made the straight A honor roll!

As Lanie calls it, he got 'Larry Potter' to read!

This is Logan opening his Nintendo DS. Check out Lanie's face. It is priceless. I think she is more excited than he is!

Our birthday theme this year is Legos. My friend made him the cake and he added all the Lego pieces to it. It was fun making the little neighborhood :)
Last Tuesday marked the beginning of Birthday Season at the Harkner House. Logan turned 9 on June 16th and we had a fun (long) day. It all started with a discovery in the driveway.

We then got started on our Birthday Adventure. We went to McDonalds to play in the play area and then from there we went to the Rain Forest Cafe. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is an amazing restaurant that is decorated like a rain forest. There are animatronic animals there and every 15 minutes there is a simulated storm where the lights dim and lightening and thunder light up the 'sky'. Adrienne was not any part of it at first, but when she realized that it was all pretend, then she totally got into it. Lanie was the one I was worried about but she could care less!

I ordered the kids a special treat after lunch. It was a "mud pie" with worms! Okay, so it was chocolate pudding, Oreo crumbs and gummy worms, but it still looked gross!

I would like to say this was the first time that Lanie ate 'dirt' but sadly I cannot. I however do think this was the first time she ate a worm. 'Think' is the operative word.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our wonderful friend Tabitha took some more pictures of the girls. She wanted to do a tea party and it didn't take much to talk Adrienne and Lanie into it. Infact, Adrienne was having 'practice' tea parties before the photo shoot just to make sure she was in good condition :) Her webite is http://tfjphotography.com/blog/.

Here are some of the pics:

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dear Ms. Tooth Fairy,

I am pleased to inform you that you that Adrienne has lost her first tooth. Please add 2333 Basswood Dr in Little Elm, TX to your list tonight.

Adrienne was so brave to let her Daddy pull the tooth all the way out. She bumped her mouth in gymnastics this morning which made the already loose tooth ready to come out. Unfortunately, her Mommy is not good at pulling teeth (eww gross) and was unable to preform the extraction at that time.

The tooth will be placed underneath Adrienne's pillow so please be careful not to wake her up.

Thank you in advance!

Adrienne Harkner

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!! That's us. Three kids running in three different direction and 1 mom (me) just trying to keep up.

Logan has been playing flag football and surprisingly is pretty good at it. I say surprisingly because balance and coordination is not his thing. He has his first game tomorrow and we are excited to watch him play. He is doing well in school. He is on the A/B Honor Roll. In my opinion, his teacher is kind of a knit picker and takes points off for everything... for example, he has a spelling test last week and missed one word. Not because it was spelled wrong (it was spelled correctly) but because the first letter of the word did not touch the line on the paper. Really? Come on! So the A/B Honor roll with the unrealistic expectations of his teacher is pretty good.

Adrienne is still in gymnastics and is really close to doing a full cart wheel. She is trying so hard but just cant get her feet up straight in the air. She has been really good lately. So good that it has me questioning 'what is wrong with you?' She is very ready for Kindergarten! She is reading and spelling already. If she keeps this up, she wont have anything to learn in school. :)

Lanie is also in gymnastics and just likes the fact that she can run around and bounce off of things and it is okay! She has been sick lately and has been kind of grumpy. Go figure, Adrienne has been awesome and Lanie has been cranky.

Oh well... what would I do with two girls who were happy at the same time anyway?